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Welcome of the World of Signum

Hello, my name is Wikidus Penbrooke, scribe extraordinaire. Or at least in the making. If you are lucky enough to have procured or stumbled upon this tome, you are in for quite the treat, for this a tome of unparalleled knowledge. Within these pages are written all of my findings regarding this world and even beyond. Consider it an almanac of sorts regarding the world in which we live, and all that surrounds it. This tome is linked with many others like it throughout the world, so the knowledge that is found here will be updated as I learn more of our realm as well. Below I have created a set of arcane links that will lead you to different sections of this tome. Should you find yourself with a question, or you have found something of error in my tome, please take a quill to the page and make note of the issue, and in my next revision I assure you I will make any needed amendments.

Enjoy the read.

- Wikidus Penbrooke

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Main Page

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