Westport, the City of Wonders. What a place to live! Home to the Court of Heroes Guildhall and being the largest port city in Amyncia, it truly is a city that cannot be compared. When one first visits Westport, they are greeted with the beauty that is the Memorium Nine. An arch, wide enough for twenty carts to ride through at once, engraved with imagery from Battle of Westport in which the original Court worked together to defeat the emerging Four Horsemen.

Like any great city, Westport was built upon humble roots as a fishing and small trade town ages ago. Such humble beginnings can still be found among some within the city who toil for an honest day’s work, although for the most part it is now littered with upstart adventure companies and sleezy merchant ship crew members.

The city herself was divided into districts following is expansive growth. The district lines were drawn to keep a number of key individuals from owning too much of the city itself, which has led to some districts that nearly snake through the city, making it confusing to fresh blood. But with some time an exploration, you can learn to take advantage of those district lines.

The city districts are:


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