The Military District

If you’re an adventurer… avoid this district like the Kuru Pox. The town guard and military take residence here and let me just note that they do not take kindly to mercenaries, adventurers, would be heroes and…. Chroniclers.

Though if you have to bail a friend from behind bars or settle a matter with the town guard, this is where you’ll need to go. Just make sure you get in and out or else you could find yourself squaring off with a small battalion of WIGs. (Note: Apparently this is a derogatory term for the Westport Internal Guard. Using this term in front of them may result in black eyes)

Should you get stuck in legal matter that requires you to delve into this district, here is where you will want to try and stick to.

  • The Westport Internal Guard Barracks
  • The Westport Administrative Offices
  • H.U.N.T. Headquarters
  • The W.I.G. Training Grounds

The Military District

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