The Lost Age

Before the Gods, before Magic and before what we know as civilization ever came to be, there existed a different form of our world. Scholars only theorize about such things while deep in the throws of thought, philosophy and drug addled visions. For those that do believe something existed before the world around us today, it is also a common theory that some great apocalypse had brought down the world before us.

Many of these same people believe that our world is a reincarnation of the world before. That while the ruins and texts of these ancient times are forever lost to whatever grandiose ending that world had, the Lost Age still lives in within the souls of the people who thrive today and the spirits of the lands that exist all around us.

I myself am far too practical to believe in such large philosophies, because I find it much more likely that some God may have smote the world, or some powerful mages finally reached some kind of critical mass. If there was a time before ours that was so different, then we would have dug it up by now. But you never know…

-Wikidus Penbrooke

The Lost Age

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