The Docks

Miles of piers and waterfront stretch along the western border of the city. All of this area makes up The Docks. And all of this area is littered with bad bars, storehouses for merchants and more sailors that cobblestones. This district is the backbone of Westport.

The control of this backbone is split between five trade houses. While always in bitter competition with one another, they do each specialize, making sure to corner the market on incoming and outgoing shipments for their territory.

If you’ve come to Westport for just about any reason you will probably find yourself at the Docks at some point. When you get there I will hope you follow this advice.

  • Never go back on a deal with a Captian from House Reach
  • Never eat fish from the south side of the docks.
  • Always look an Independant Captain in the eyes when you shake his hand.
  • Don’t ever, and I mean ever… drink dock water.

The Docks

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