The Commons

By its name, the Commons is a place for the laborers and workers. The district itself sets lower than the rest of the city and runs beneath The Iron Bridge that spans the distance between The Market District and the Entertainment District.

Almost all of the buildings are single story, and almost exclusively being homes. The only businesses that have setup shop in The Commons are cheap bars and even worse whore houses. It is said that even the most tightly tied pouch can be lifted with a short walk through the Commons, eve in broad daylight.

The Commons is also home to many of the non-human citizens of Westport who do not make enough money to afford homes elsewhere. It is not uncommon to see orcs, goblins or even the occasional half-ogre wandering the commons, shaking people down. It is said many of these folk make their home in a hovel beneath the Iron Bridge.

A few places worth risking The Commons for.

  • Monument to the Meek
  • The Alabaster Maiden
  • Eastgate Labor Union
  • Ironbridge Hovel

The Commons

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