The Age of Wonder

The change from one Age into another is something that can be debated by scholars and historians for hours or even days at a time. But there can be no argument as to when the Age of Wonders truly began. In event commonly referred to as “The Revelation” the Gods were revealed to our world.

I have spoken to a number of historians and the best that I am able to piece together, is that this occurred due to the “First Elf’s” passing. (Note: I still need to find out if this was a title or a literal description. Ancient elves do not respond well to me.) When the First Elf passed he merged with Sylvataern, the Great Tree.

In the years following this action the rumors of visions, unexplained phenomena and miracles spread like wildfire throughout all of the races of Signum. The word of The Gods was passed throughout all lands and it did not take long for churches to form. This age is full of great crusades and wars as each race laid claim to their matrons and patrons.

The First Elf’s merge with Sylvataern also started something that not even The Gods could have predicted. His essence activated the leylines, and granted magic to the world. But it is not until the following ages that any, aside from the Elves began to understand what was happening.

-Wikidus Penbrooke

The Age of Wonder

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