The Age of Rebirth

When The Gods first dotted Signum with the wellsprings that would turn into all of creation, I believe not even they knew what they were getting themselves into. When man, orc, dwarf and elvenkind all first sprung to life on Signum, it was a time of turmoil and strife. Creatures, unsure of their existence each just striving to survive.

During this age, the cradles of Signum’s major civilizations first came to be. Amyncia, Mallavose, Vigyld and Sylvataern. Human, Orc, Dwarf and Elf respectively founded their cultures and some of the world’s first borders came to be.

It was in this early age, that the first buildings were erected, and the first metal was forged. It was during this strife, that the beings of Signum grew into the races we know them as today. The creations had yet to meet their creators and magic had yet to spring forth into our world. So while it was a crucible of violence and creation, one could argue to say that the true wars and chaos was still to come.

-Wikidus Penbrooke

The Age of Rebirth

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