The Age of Legends

The line between the age of Wonders and Legends is quite blurred, but for simplicity sake, I will side with those who say that it began when the first Great Wyrm rose from the mountains and the first human mage Nilrem alongside Sir Artemis rode to defeat him. It is said that his corpse became what we call the Dragonspine mountains.

It was in this age that many structures of society began to take form. Kings were established, noble houses were born and society flourished. Humanity began getting quite talented with magic, leading to rapid expansion as well as much infighting, new nations rose and civil wars ensued.

In their wars with one another as well as the other races, humanity committed many atrocities. They used magic to split the Horde of Mallavose and nearly destroy the orcish homelands, turning proud warriors of a beautiful land into clans, fighting over the livable portions or their home.

In their fights with the Sylvataern they burned almost a third of the seemingly unending Sylvataern wood, leaving it scarred and everburning. While slow to change some Elves have adopted the moniker of “The Embergrove” and tend to these lands and to this day, try to undo the harm that was done.

The actions of uncontrolled magic did not go unnoticed. Many societies began to fear them, while others rose them to power. This magical arms race was diffused when Beoran, the Great Wyrm founded Westerwynn, College of the Arcane. It took generations, but Westerwynn has become the name in trusted magic. Many Kingdoms, Houses and even Guilds won’t accept or hire mages unless they have a Westerwynn seal.

It was the actions of this age that lead to the formation of “The Court of Heroes.” The court’s actions in life save the world from a number of world ending events from undead armies, mad cults summoning dead gods and even the Kurubari invasion. It was their passing that dawned the next age…

-Wikidus Penbrooke

The Age of Legends

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