Quintelle (pronounced Kwin-tell) is the open hand of the Court. She is a being of charity, peace and martyrdom. She and her followers are known for their work with poverty stricken throughout all of Amyncia.


  • The Great Offering
  • “Ms. Helping Halfling”
  • The Open Hand
  • “Pipsqueak Pockets”


  • Charity
  • Healing
  • Martydom
  • Guidance


  • Volunteers
  • Poverty-stricken
  • Philanthropists


  • Life
  • Knowledge

Favored Weapon

  • Shepherd’s Cane(Quarterstaff)


  • An open hand offering aid

The clerics of Quintelle are among the most helpful in the land. Always first to offer aid and for little to reward to themselves. Quintelle and her clergy preach being good for good’s sake as it is only among helping others that one can truly find happiness. A cleric of Quintelle will always aid those in a worse position than themselves, even to those who have done the cleric wrong. Quintelle is quite famous for second chances, and it’s said that the only reason Teragon was not slain by Fell and Tae was because Quintelle saw a chance for him to do some good.

In her life, Quintelle was the daughter of a shepherd family. Her halfling family was extensive and she was know for finding parts of her family she did not even know she had throughout her adventuring career. It was her caring nature that was able to keep the Court together in even the most trying of times.

From the Battle of Westport to Kuru Invasion, it is quite possible that the world would have ended without Quintelle keeping the Court fighting together instead of against one another. While practical in some areas, she was very fond of those close to her and it was that closeness that led to eventual downfall, betrayed by Merrial.

Among Quintelle’s devotees you can find the kindest people among all of Signum. It is this charity that has made her church expand to most areas, though many thank the Mother Shepherd in the countrysides where charity and true kindness is more common. Within cities, Quintelle churches are generally small buildings with truly devoted folk doing whatever they can to help their brothers and sisters in life.

Most followers wear simple garb, consisting mostly of natural colors and simple whites. They are not known for expensive accessories and frivolous jewelry like many faiths. Instead they favor wooden holy symbols and sentimental knick knacks. Most outfits have many pockets both exposed and hidden to carry tools and miscellaneous items for every occasion.


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