The Westerwynn College of the Arcane

The great arcane college of Westerwynn is a place of near legend in itself, even though almost all know the name, only some have ever visited. Located along Amyncia’s northwestern coast just along Mallavose border, Westerwynn is a collection of islands that sit far above sea level. Many are just spires in which the campuses are carved into.

The only way to get to Westerwynn is by magic or by flying as the sea beneath the spires is so foggy and treacherous that not even the greatest pirates of this Age would risk it. Many of the residents of Westerwynn make use of the local large bird population as a form of travel between the campuses, although bridges do span the shorter distance ones for those students not so friendly with animals.

The Westerwynn College of the Arcane is run by Headmaster Beoran, the Gilded Wyrm. Although his word is law within Westerwynn, he does not take a very active role in governing the sovereign city state that he founded. He instead leaves such politics to the Congress of the Magi, a governing body in which all practitioners who pass their master trials earn a seat on. It it at this Congress that the Magi set their own laws, as well as the laws of Westerwynn.

Westerwynn students are welcomed from all over Signum and from all walks of life. This can cause strife among students as a royal prince with a bloodline of magic that reached back generations will receive the same treatment as a pickpocket who developed a knack for illusions. But it is Beoran’s belief that such things will figure themselves out and it is best to give all Magi a fair chance as becoming a great and powerful Archmage.

When a student has shown enough aptitude in the foundations of magic, both in knowledge and application, he or she will be offered their Trial of the Seal. In this trial, Magi will see discover their greatest weaknesses and their greatest strengths. Each trial is different, and it is said the Beoran is the one who designs them, though no magi has yet to confirm such theories. Once the Magi has emerged from their trial, all present Congress members will vote on whether or not the Magi has become a sealed member.

Gaining one’s Seal is a great honor in Westerwynn as well as throughout most of Signum. The Westerwynn Seal is recognized as a badge of competence and understand of the power the Magi wields. Many legitimate guilds, houses and companies will not hire a Magi without their badge, though there is plenty of work out there for Magi who don’t hold to “Westerwynn Ideals” of using magic responsibility and understanding.

The city-state itself has many other citizens, both temporary and permanent as it is a great place for traveling merchants who can afford the ride up to get great prices on all sorts of magical goods as well as one of the few places on Signum that has no form of royalty. Surprisingly, many find living under a dragon more pleasurable than another man.

-Wikidus Penbrooke

The Westerwynn College of the Arcane

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