The Vigyld

Deep within the southern mountains lies a city unlike any that exists on the surface, in size or in advancements. The city itself is home to the Parliament of Hammers and the embassies for each of the dwarven states. It is here that Dwarven disputes and laws are settled as well as determining what the dwarves will do as a whole.

Within the halls of Vigyld one could get lost for days, only to find that they are back where they started. The near labyrinthian design only makes sense to those who know the patterns of the dwarven clan symbols in which they follow.

I was lucky enough to have a rather well spoken dwarf who was well entrenched in their politics to explain these things to me because otherwise I am sure I may have stumbled into the Underdark itself. The lowest portions of Vigyld are the gates to the Underdark and they take an immense pride in how long it has been since there was a breach.

If you find yourself within these winding halls and roped into some ancient clan battle then make sure to follow these tips.

  • Always drink what is offered. Dwarves of Vigyld take great offense at being declined as it implies that what they are offering is not good enough. Best case, they get you something better… worst case you insult their honor. And you don’t want that.
  • Avoid the lower gates. The dwarves that guard them are not the friendly to outsiders type.
  • It is traditional to offer a gift to those who aid you in Vigyld. This is never a bad idea.

-Wikidus Penbrooke

The Vigyld

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