The Sylvataern Wood

The trees of the Sylvataern grow so tall it is said that to walk among their tops is to touch the clouds. I don’t know is this is true, but I can say that in my travels the forest is a thing of stunning beauty and I fancy myself a city man. The elves of the Sylvataern treaty these woods as their kingdom and for over a millenia nobody has dared to fight them for it.

The Sylvataern elves live among these trees, and are said to have grown with them over the ages. Their homes are high above the forest floor with portions of the canopy grown as walkways and the trees making natural shelters. It is not uncommmon for a Sylvataern city or village to expand vertially just as it would horizontally.

At the center of the Sylvataern wood is the Great Sylvataern Tree. This tree brought magic to the world when the first elf merged with it and awakened the dormant ley lines surrounding Signum. While the largest population of wood elves make their home among the Sylvataern, there are some that have started new homes in other forests across the world and the Great Tree is essential for that for when a new elven wood is made, a seed from The Great Tree is planted there.

The elves are not unfriendly to outsiders, but they do approach the with caution. It is not unlikely that they have been watching you for some time before you even see one of them in their woods.

If you are making a visit to the woods, listen here and hope it helps.

  • Elven bread is a complete letdown. It’s filling and sad.
  • Real Elven wine is heaven on Signum. Never turn it down.
  • DON’T hurt their trees. They really don’t like it.

The Sylvataern Wood

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