The Nation of Lythess

Sister to Amyncia, the nation of Lythess was created late during the Age of Wonder following a civil war. Those of Lythess have not taken kindly to Signum’s newest pantheon, believing that the Court of Heroes stole their power from the truly divine and those that follow them are heretics to the old ways.

Lythess is ruled exclusively by the church and its high priests. Their rule is powered by one of the last powerful deities of old, Lythenall herself. Once a proud and fair goddess, the state of Lythess’ people makes many wonder if she has changed over the ages or if the church is not following her word.

Either way, for you adventuring types, I would advise against a trip to Lythess. It is a place of zealotry and ignorance. Tolerance for anything other than human is low at best, and violent at worst. Some heroes have tried to free the people that do not want to follow the Church, but most are never heard from again.

Should you have reason to make your way into their oh holiest of lands, hopefully these will help you out.

  • Say praise to “her Holiness” before any meal. Anything else will be taken as heresy.
  • DO NOT display holy symbols of The Court. It’s just a safe idea.
  • Avoid the Inquisition at all cost. Those guys are assholes with holy agendas.

The Nation of Lythess

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