The Mallavose Wastes

The great Horde of Mallavose was shattered over a thousand years ago while trying to take over the southern nations. The magic used to break this horde laid waste to their entire homeland, making entire areas completely unlivable.

Mostly tundra and low mountains the landscape of Mallavose is nearly ever changing due to the roaming magicals storms that leave entire territories uninhabitable. These storms destroy whatever land they cast a shadow over.

Because of this, the people of Mallavose which consist mostly of Orcs and clans of strong human wildfolk are always on the move. They rarely set up in any given area for longer than a season or two at most, knowing that the next storm that rolls over the horizon could clear away all they have worked towards.

This has pushed many of these clans into a raiding lifestyle, marauding along the Amyncia and Lythess borders. Most people from Mallavose have a large distrust of arcane magic as stories of the Horde’s collapse are still told to younglings.

If you are making a trip into the cold and brutal wastes of Mallavose, make sure to go by these guidelines and you should make it back, just don’t stay for too long.

  • Find someone who can read the weather. The storms are more dangerous than any of the orcs and barbarian clans.
  • The people of Mallavose are a superstitious kind. Magic is either from the gods or a witch’s trick.
  • Do NOT disrespect their gods. They know them well and serve them by action, not by words.

The Mallavose Wastes

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