The Kurubari Desert

To the east of Amyncia beyond the Dragonspine Mountains lies a vast ocean of sand and badlands known as the Kurubari Desert. Once home to the powerful and massive Kuru empire, the destruction of their great temple and the intervention of The Court of Heroes caused Amyncia’s rivaling territory to fall into decay.

Magical backlashes from the Kuru Empire’s fall have caused the entire territory to wither and waste away. Few of the massive cities still stand among the sands, and those that do are almost entirely buried beneath the sands.

The Kuru who remain still indulge in the ancient empires many evil trades including cannibalism, sacrifice and slavery. These barbaric practices are used in ancient arcane rituals that they use to survive in such a harsh wasteland. The Kuru people are only different from most humans in a few small ways. They seem able to survive without water for days or even weeks at a time, they are able to feast upon flesh of their own kind with no issue, and their teeth are sharp like that of a sharks.

I have yet to brave a trek into this impossible environment, but from the people I have met who made the trip and survived, I pass along this advice.

  • Bring water. Magical means of creating and using it seem to be nigh impossible.
  • The farther into the wastes you go, the harder it is to hear the call of the gods.
  • If challenged by a Kuru, resilience is respected above all else.
  • Not all Kuru are evil people. But their ways are terrifying.

The Kurubari Desert

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