The Kingdom of Cypra

During the Age of Legends, just over a thousand years ago, a claim was made by a bastard son of the king. This half-elven child was the result of the king’s adultery and while Amyncia was not a human exclusive kingdom, it had never known a non-human king. To placate the son and keep him from fighting his half brothers for the throne he accepted the half-elf as his legitimate son and gifted onto him a Fiefdom of his own.

This land was named Cypra and for the first few generations, it’s half-elven lord paid honor to the King of Amyncia, once he was the great great uncle to the king, his patience had run out. Cypra declared itself a sovereign nation and began its own royal lineage. This line is still bound by blood to the royal families of Amyncia but to say so in either court could get you tossed into a dungeon.

The land of Cypra itself is fertile one, though difficult to cultivate by standard methods. Consisting of marshes and bayous the main ways to travel are by riverboat and skiffs. The few trails that do cross the land are prone to floods so few traditional merchants travel them unless it is the dry season. But this means most of their trade comes via ship and in much larger quantities, even coming from exotic lands beyond Kurubari Desert and from beyond the known seas.

Because of the royal families mixed heritage, the kingdom is quite friendly to all manner of races. This has caused a renaissance of sorts in many of their major cities with the blending of cultures. An interest in the arts and science as well as a urge for self discovery are traits shared by many citizens of the kingdom. Outside of the cities there are pockets of communities that live on the bayous, each one having its own unique beliefs.

If you plan to sail into Cypra I would heavily recommend following these tips to make sure you have a great time.

  • If a man or woman asks you to their bed, say no. They will almost always get a few friends to sweeten the pot.
  • Swamp folk make great food. Don’t ask what’s in it. Ever

The Kingdom of Cypra

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