The Dragonspine Mountains

Between the rolling plains of Amyncia and the harsh and brutal Kurubari Desert lies the ridge of mountains known as the Dragonspine. These mountains are home to all kinds of monstrous humanoids from hobgoblin warbands to mountain giant settlements. The difficult terrain and lack of flora makes it hospitable for only the toughest of races.

Tucked into the northernmost peaks atop the snowcaps lies a few small villages and a monastery that practices a religion from beyond the Kurubari Desert. These men and women hone their bodies among the mountains and live a harsh life in hopes of finding inner peace. I have not visited as of yet, but in my travels I met a man name Lao who told me about their people and how they “Walk the Way.”

I would avoid all travel in the Dragonspine mountains unless you are passing through the city of Eastgate, but then… why would you? Only barren wasteland exists beyond those mountains and traveling across them is just foolish.

So if you find yourself a fool and plan to climb into the spires, I only have one piece of advice.

  • Don’t do it. Get down and go home.

-Wikidus Penbrooke

The Dragonspine Mountains

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