The City-State of Wayhaven

Behind every door and inside every threshold lies the possible entrance to the gnomish capital of Wayhaven. The few non-gnomes who even know how to access the city, are very rare to speak of it… in fact in the few I have found they may not be able to. It does not seem that all gnomes know how to access their city from just anywhere though. The magics behind such transportation are complicated and when I did get a gnome drunk enough to explain it to me, the words rearranged themselves before they even met my ears… or he was messing with me.

And while the entrances to Wayhaven are a well guarded secret, the city itself it quite welcoming to tourists… if they can handle it. The company of gnomes is often hard enough for many, but an entire city of engineering disasters waiting to happen and arcane timebombs thinly guised as “experiments” is only for those seeking an accidental death.

In my short tour there, I was able to find out that there is indeed a king, but it so turns out that there are seven great Lords of Wayhaven…. One for each day of the week. It was not long after learning this that I decided to depart from Wayhaven and call this chapter a loss.

If you find yourself in that nightmare of a magical city I offer these tidbits of advice to try and make it out alive.

  • Smile. All the time. Gnomes make it their mission to make you smile and their antics are likely to cause your doom.
  • Don’t drink anything there, unless you brought it with you. And even then it is subject to re-examination.
  • If your bloodline has any… infernal influence. Avoid Francis at all costs. He has never forgiven and he does not forget.

-Wikidus Penbrooke

The City-State of Wayhaven

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