The Stories of Signum

Attack on Aeston!

From far and wide our five heroes journeyed. Each with their tales converging on the small town of Aeston, three days north of Westport. Weeks earlier a letter had arrived, addressed to them and sent by the Amyncian Messengers Guild.

As the five made for Aeston, leaving the other travelers to head around the farms and towards the trade hub of Westport they realized that each had not been chosen alone. Introductions were a tad awkward, but it is to be expected with this colorful cast of heroes.

We have,

  • Clement Merrigold, Human Fighter
  • Al, Wood Elven Rogue
  • Sabriel, Wood Elven Druid of the Embergrove
  • Atu, Kuru Cleric of Quintelle
  • Xander, Half-Elven Warlock and Acolyte of The Lost God

Deciding to march through the night, our heroes came upon Aeston with a rising sun, and into town they came like rays from the sun, fighting back the darkness that was attacking the town.

With their combined efforts our newly banded heroes pushed back the goblin attack and their spider cohorts. With most dead and a few of the scum scurrying back into the hills, the band was welcomed into the tavern by the new impromptu mayor and barkeep, Quinlan Moore.

With a medicine kit and a strange syringe of lightly glowing fluid he was able to bring Savriel back to consciousness while he offered an Elixir of Expedited Invigoration to them all as he feared this would not be the last of the goblin attacks. He then asked them to go and check on the small town guard who had gone to investigate the eastern farmstead.

When our party arrived, they were greeted with a grizzly scene. The guards who had responded had fallen to more precise and tactical wounds, the farmhead have been cut down trying to defend himself and his wife and daughter ravaged by whomever had caused this chaos.

Trapped in the stores beneath the kitchen the only survivor of the farm, a young boy name Finn called out to our adventurers. At only eleven winters, Finn was able to steel himself to the loss with the aid of Clement’s words and Al’s memorial gift of his parents rings and his sister’s pendant.

They kept Finn from the grizzly scene upstairs and got him back to the town proper and set him up with Quinlan and a stiff drink as well as a sword. After that, they headed west towards the other farmstead to see if any had survived the attack.

Along the road to the western stead, a small band of goblins and spiders moved to finish the town. Saying their goodbyes to one another, our party dove into the fight with little hope of making it back to celebrate a victory.

Against all odds they pushed back the green skinned and chitinous attackers, through once again Savriel fell to their blows.A prayer from Atu staved off her death and they moved quickly to the farmstead to see if all were dead.

Instead of bodies, they found the house in flames and evidence that the people had been taken. Spirits low, the returned to the Sterling Saloon and settled down to mend their wounds and get some much needed rest.

A few of our heroes went into town in hopes of finding a medicine kit and some other supplies. They met Garret Gensworth, owner and operator of the general store in town. He plead our party to find his son Benny who was taken in the goblin raid. He offered payment from his next shipment should they all make it that long.

After their meeting at the general store they headed to the local smithy where they met Samantha Kane, the daughter of the now dead smith. With some aid and guidance she was able to do some basic upgrades through the night to Al’s armor and provided a few basic armaments to the group. Most were already in the hands of the militia that Quinlan was putting together.

With that, the group has laid their heads but most sleep with one eye open, awaiting the return of the green skinned menace on this town.


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